The scope of the project was to upgrade the roundabout to install curved entry lanes to slow traffic, as the intersection was a known black spot to The City of Joondalup. Further to this, our scope entailed upgrade pit and pipe drainage infrastructure, upgrading paving and pathways to the new high specification colour, a stencilled concrete finish and full asphalt overlay to the roundabout. The key challenge was managing traffic and reduced working hours due to traffic counts well in excess of 1,000 vehicles per hour in each direction. WCP was reduced to 9am-3pm working hours for many portions of the work, which meant once traffic was setup and removed it often left us with a 5-hour work day. WCP was able to work with the Principal and traffic controllers and optimise the traffic management plan to enable work in the westbound lane from 7am-3pm and eastbound 9am-5pm for certain tasks. We were also able to sequence offline works outside of these hours to maintain full traffic flow.